2019-07-15T15:49:17+01:00 : Community, Connections, Collaboration, inspiring talks with likeminded people. More and more people are able to work from wherever they want. I, too, work alone from my home office in the countryside. There, I am extremely productive, because nothing can disturb me. Naturally, each of us requires focus in order to get our work done, but [...]



SEO masterclass : In 2015 I became passionate about learning as much as I could about online marketing. At this time it seemed that affiliate marketing in particular was the hottest topic out there. It reminded me of the trading hype of 2002. This motivated me to search for a mentor, just as I did a long [...]



eCom : among other things, for testing the market, affiliate pages are very well suited. However, I find the best margins among my own private labeled or manufactured products. -> : this online shop our team realized with for the investor Bernhard Bachna. This is an interesting project that involves introducing offline products to the online world. -> FBM [...]

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