Project Description

eCom : among other things, for testing the market, affiliate pages are very well suited. However, I find the best margins among my own private labeled or manufactured products.

-> : this online shop our team realized with for the investor Bernhard Bachna. This is an interesting project that involves introducing offline products to the online world.

-> FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant): I seized a great opportunity to launch my FBM  career with no cash investment with 1000+ products of a friend, who is a manufacturer. This is done by dropshipping (dropshipping explained by Shopify).
-> FBA (FulFillment by Amazon): PL (private label) products are always the goal for our affliate sites: in order to achieve more sales through prime offers, establish greater customer trust, and have faster deliveries and lower transportation costs. 

-> an inhouse online shop, eBay and more other marketplaces, google shopping and facebook store are already on the starting blocks. I operate this multi-channel business using my “command base” : from just one place, you can handle various marketplaces, your warehousing, shipping and customer support.

To discuss this topic, I have another Meetup called: eCom.