Project Description : Community, Connections, Collaboration, inspiring talks with likeminded people. More and more people are able to work from wherever they want. I, too, work alone from my home office in the countryside. There, I am extremely productive, because nothing can disturb me. Naturally, each of us requires focus in order to get our work done, but on the flip side, I also need interaction with the community so that I can encounter new points of view, be inspired, and perhaps find a partner with whom I can work on projects. Therefore, in autumn 2015, during my workcation in Andalusia, Spain, I came up with the idea to set up a regular meetup with like-minded people. With this in mind, the same year I initiated a Meetup called Guerilla Coworking in St. Pölten, a small town in Austria. My intention was to build a community that met on a regular basis to discuss the challenges we face and bring us together at the next level. I was also toying with the thought of opening a fixed coworking space here, but I realised that for me personally, it is all about the people and the network, and the location would fall into place in the second step. In 2016, I participated in Matthias E. Zeitler’s coworking weekend in Salzburg, where we met at a cabin on an alpine pasture at 1500m above sea level. There was that feeling again: I want to be with this kind of people. Since Matthias founded a fixed coworking space in 2017 in Bansko, Bulgaria, I had the chance to take over For me this was a fantastic opportunity to bring my vision to the next level. is a once-a-year event that provides its community with the possibility to strengthen their network together with skilled, open-minded people for 6 weeks in a beautiful location under the sun.