• Affiliate-SEO Meetup
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Project Description

SEO masterclass : In 2015 I became passionate about learning as much as I could about marketing. At this time it seemed that affiliate marketing in particular was the hottest topic out there. It reminded me of the trading hype of 2002. This motivated me to search for a mentor, just as I did a long time ago in trading. For me, being taught by a mentor is the most effective way to deepen your knowledge in any topic. Following a nice email conversation with an SEO team leader from a well-known company in Vienna, we met over matcha tea, which immediately reminded me of this Shopify blog post. I talked about this article with him, and since he knows his way around SEO and my area of expertise is logistics (I studied as a tech engineer and worked as a logistics specialist for Austrian Airlines, FedEx and GATX), we thought that we could combine our skills perfectly. So we decided to meet once a week to work together on affiliate/SEO/FBA (fulfillment by amazon) projects. We also wanted to strengthen our network and community, which prompted us to start an SEO masterclass in Vienna on a regular basis. We met up every Sunday for a year (I think this is what is meant by “going the extra mile”!), after which I believe each of us gained a great understanding of and feeling for SEO, and the knowledge necessary to build a business with this skill. Currently, we have a Skype session once a week and started a group project . And for backlink reasons, here one site of my favorite student.